A big announcement

A big announcement being made today:

The Reverend Andy Batchelor has accepted an offer to be priest in charge of the parishes of Harbury, Ladbroke and Ufton in the Coventry diocese. The institution service is yet to be arranged, but could be sometime in September. Please pray for Andy and his family as they prepare to leave Cumbria and Serve these three churches and their communities.


  1. Rosalind Baldwin

    Hello Rev Andy, I’m a member of All Saints’ Church, Harbury and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to our amazing Village and Church Community. As a matter of interest, my Great grandad was one of the men who built the bridge linking Barrow with Walney Island, many many years ago, so the link continues!
    God bless
    With love
    Ros Baldwin

    • Rev AndyB

      Rosalind, many thanks for the message – interesting connection there – Walney is a great place but we are really looking forward to our move to a new community and a new challenge.

  2. John Eld

    Greetings, Rev Andy,
    I see Ros has beaten me to it in sending an advanced welcome to Harbury. Obviously the walk round the villages didn’t put you off! Rosemary and I look forward to meeting you again in September.
    Seeing your IoM TT jacket reminded me that you’ll have at least one fellow biker here – the garage owner keeps a machine in Germany to use at Nurburgring track days.
    I pray that your profile writing team (when they get started) may enjoy the same fellowship and growth in love that ours experienced.
    With love to your family and congregations

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