Christmas Coffee Morning

St Mary’s will be holding a Christmas Coffee Morning in the Parish Centre on Saturday 4th December from 10:30-12:00.

There will be stalls to browse and refreshments on offer. Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy a cuppa with friends.

St Mary’s Churchyard

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We are making concerted efforts this year to address concerns about the appearance of and safety in the churchyard.  We hope you are noticing some of the improvements made through our teams of volunteers.

The removal of diseased trees, trimming of branches and hedges, clearing of pathways, keeping grass to an acceptable length and removal of rubbish have been completed in recent weeks although there is still more to do.

We are ensuring the churchyard meets the standards set by the Diocese of Carlisle including those regulations relating to the upkeep of graves and remembrance gardens.  Please note that churchyards are different in their nature from municipal cemeteries.

Objects such as kerbs, railings, statues, photographs, mementoes (such as windmills toys or animals) or items affixed to the monument are not allowed. Artificial flowers are not allowed except for Remembrance day poppies [on graves of those who served in the armed forces] and traditional Christmas wreaths but these should be removed after no more than 2 months.

During our Churchyard Clear-Up Day last week dead flowers and artificial flowers were removed from several graves.  We acknowledge that we should have made more people aware of this work in advance so that artificial flowers could have been retrieved beforehand.  We apologise unreservedly for any distress this may have caused.  If you are concerned then please call or email our Church Wardens Rhona (475761) or Maureen (471797) who will gladly assist you. Those artificial flowers that were in reasonable condition have not been thrown away and can be reclaimed.

We really appreciate your support as we take the necessary steps to preserve our historic and treasured churchyard.