Bookings for Weddings and Christenings during August

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Parish surgery will not be taking place on Tuesday evenings in August, so if you have any enquiries about Weddings and Christenings please contact the vicar on 227976, or E-mail

Sunday 23rd July

Tomorrow we have our 8am quiet communion and at 10am we celebrate the baptism of Toby Greenway. Thanks to everyone who helped at the Summer Fair today – we made just under £950 – fantastic!

Sunday 16th July

On Sunday at St Marys we have our reflective communion service at 8am, and our all-age communion at 10am where we be thinking about the parable of the sower. Later at 12:00 we welcome the family and friends of Henry Chatfield as he is baptised into the family of God, and at 3-5pm it’s Messy Church in the centre, where our theme is John the Baptist.

Friday 30th June

Please pray for the family of Dorothy Irvine whose funeral takes place today at 2:30pm. Dorothy had long standing connections with St Marys, and was a resident of Combe House until its closure. On Sunday we have our usual 8am reflective communion and 10am all age communion services, where we will be thinking about how we reach out to others with Gods love in large and small ways. At 2pm we welcome the family and friends of Declan Ireland and Harry Simpson for their Christening.

This week

Today is the funeral of William Norman Crow to be held at St Marys at 13:00. On Saturday we celebrate the wedding of Craig West and Michelle Lawson at 12:00. On Sunday Morgan Warby and Vincent Richards will join us for their Christening. Please remember these families during times of sadness and of joy.

Today and Tomorrow

Congratulations to Dean and Hannah married at St Marys today – tomorrow at our 8am and 10am services come and find out what Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and the Holy Spirit have in common!

Easter Sunday

Tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection at 8am and 10am, where we will be giving out prizes for the best easter hats and bonnets, and after the 10 am service there will be an Easter egg hunt for the ginormous number of eggs that have been generously donated. Later at 2pm we welcome the friends and families of Vincent Wren and Finlay Pearson for their Easter Day Christening. All kinds of celebrations going on tomorrow. Come and join in the fun!

Wedding and Palm Sunday

Today we celebrate the wedding of Zoe Vick and Liam Reid at 1pm, and tomorrow on Palm Sunday we have our 8am communion followed by the annual walk of witness from the library at 09:30. We welcome our Methodist brothers and sisters, as well as the uniformed organisations to our 10am all age service.